COVID Requirements

COVID Policy for Alpine Orchestra, as of 18 Aug 2022

As new variants rise and fall and rise again, we are faced with the challenge of trying to keep the orchestra and audiences safe, while not giving up on music.

As such, the board of the Alpine Orchestra would promote the following:
1) It is highly encouraged, but not mandatory for players to be vaxed and boosted.
2) Masks may be worn at your preference (and the limitations of your particular instrument.)
3) All attempts will be made to ventilate the rehearsal space and performance venues. (although we may not have many options depending on the limitations of the performance venues.)
4) Please do not attend rehearsals if you are sick or being isolated for Covid—in fact, try not to attend rehearsals no matter what illness you have.
5) Be respectful of fellow musicians –(empty spit valves somewhere other than the floor, etc.)

Thanks for your cooperation!